September 26, 2006

Get Out

Another item from Bud Houston's blog on Agility Vision is Using Around the Clock training to teach the dog “Get Out”. We've been working on 'out' using tossed toys/treats so Dusty has a basic understanding of the cues - the voice command and the pressure against the dog's path. Bud's exercise is a good one to practice and then proof the cues.

September 16, 2006

Agility Vision

Agility Vision is a great resource, better than being there in many ways. The Bay Team hosted a Grand Prix Regional Championship over the Labor Day weekend. Agility vision provides a Course Map for round one.

The opening sequence caught a lot of handlers by surprise, with many dogs taking the off-course into the tunnel, instead of the left turn to jump 5.

Agility vision has a video of the competitors running the sequence using different handling techniques (Please turn!), an interview with Janet Gaunt, the judge and course designer, interviews with competitors Susan Garrett and Mary Ellen Barry and video of playing around after the Grand Prix where a few handlers (Rachel Sanders, Susan Garrett, Mary Ellen Barry) and the judge, Janet Gaunt, went out on course to try to figure it all out.

You will need to register (its free) to see the videos.

September 11, 2006

Wet weekend

The NSW Festival of Agility went ahead despite atrocious weather, adding a few extra obstacles to the course. Vickie Priestly captured Allan Schmidt and Jack negotiating the dog walk lake.

September 08, 2006

Dog's ages

The rule of thumb that one year of a dogs age equals seven years in human terms doesn't take into account that dogs reach maturity between one and two, and that large dogs age faster than small ones.

This is not an exact science but Ruby is a lovely old lady in her nineties. Congratulations to her and to Nicola, may they enjoy each others company a while longer.

Ruby's birthday today

September 07, 2006

Lead-out Pivot

Luckily we have been practicing our lead outs, as we had a course on the weekend that I really couldn't see any other way to handle, even with Thommo's preference for me to run with him. Most people who did not use a lead out to between 3 and 4 could not get into position to direct the dog to 7.

September 04, 2006

Worn out

Worn out
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Watching agility is hard work - especially when you have to practice the weavepoles or contact behavior before you get a treat.

Watching a run.

Watching a run.
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Dusty is still an agility spectator, though she may trial for the first time in October. Here she is watching the events at Port Macquarie.