May 11, 2005

Puppy Blogs

I have come across a number of blogs similar to this one, where people are recording their puppy's development and training. I've also come across quite a few which are diaries written 'by' the dog - but we'll say no more about them. Why do people think that if their dog could talk they would do so in baby talk, or with appalling spelling and grammar?

Sue Ailsby's weBlog of a Service Dog In Training follws the life of Stitch from first week home to ten months. Some excellent training information here, in the blog and in articles on the site.

Puptastic and Pup Life are magizine style blogs with lots of general information, news items and photos.

A Puppy & A Plan is the diary of a professional dog trainer as she raises her Doberman puppy, doing baby agility and starter tracking and obedience training.

The Doggy Woggy Photo Blog mainly consists of photos taken at the bloggers local off leash area, but very cute and there are links to information.


Leslie said...

I have a blog and sometimes my dog "writes posts". Obviously it is myself writing the post from her point of view. I use proper grammar and spelling when writing from her perspective but someone might find themselves reading about poop more often than they desired too. I can't help it, she really likes poop. Anyway, I think if a dog blog isn't about training and development it can still be a useful tool for pet owners. If you get a chance, visit my site and hopefully you'll find a store or a link useful.

Marj said...

Sorry Leslie, I was generalising.
Will visit your blog, and add it to those here ...