October 22, 2005

Swimming Lessons

We are on the beach most days, and Thommo swims regularly chasing a tennis ball, but Dusty hasn't ever gone into the water further than her knees. She didn't seem bothered by the water and would happily splash around in the shallows waiting for Thommo to come out. So I guessed she just didn't have a reason to go in.

Today was a balmy 26C, so I took them both down to Horseshoe beach, the local off leash area. It is on the harbour, so unless a ship goes past there aren't any waves to contend with.

I went out to about waist deep, and she swam after me. She had this look of grim determination and when she reached me she immediately swam back to shore, but she kept coming back out again. So I think she'll take to it. She had really good flotation, and excellent paddling action. I'll take a floating toy or two next time and play with her out in the water.

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