January 27, 2006


January's author on Dog Read was Susan Thorpe-Vargas, author of Genetics and Breeding Strategies: Essays for the Dog Breeder. We have had a wonderful month discussing genes and their mutations and selecting on phenotype. One thing that did not come up for discussion though was the digging gene, which seems to be dominant in both Darcy and Red Rose's lineage. Jenna has turned Deb's back yard into a hard hat area, permanently under construction. My back yard is paved, but by the time Dusty left our camp site last weekend it looked as though a colony of wombats had spent the weekend. And half sister Scarlet seems to have inherited the trait too. Though she obviously can't understand what the fuss is about.


Deb Harvey said...

I have just purchase Jenna a "Home Alone" from Aussie Dog Toys. I am hoping that this may distract her from backyard excavations. All three dogs enjoy playing with it!

Marj said...

All of the Aussie Dog toys are great aren't they?

Deb Harvey said...

Yes, my next purchase will be an Enduro Ball from their range. Jenna has destroyed ALL of the balls that my older dogs have had for years. It is a sad sight to see them try to play with the remnants (unsafe pieces removed) and it is a waste of time to replace them with the same type of ball as destruction would be rapid.

Aussie dog toys also make toys suitable for Zoo Animals. They have a very good website which also details the range of animals each toy is suitable for.