July 12, 2006

This girl ...

... is a Woman Now.

At 15 months Dusty begins her first 'season'.

Stages of the Estrous Cycle
  • Proestrus: Vulvar swelling and bloody vaginal discharge marks the beginning of proestrus.The first day of bleeding is called the first day of heat. The duration of proestrus can vary from as little as 1 day to 21 days. Proestrus is a time of rising estrogen levels preparing the reproductive tract for breeding.
  • Estrus: Is the period of receptivity. Behaviorally it begins the first day the bitch stands. Hormonally it begins on the day of the LH (LueteinizingHormone) surge and is marked by rising progesterone levels and decreasing estrogen levels.
  • Diestrus: Normally begins 7 to 9 days post the actual LH surge. Progesterone levels continue to rise and the vaginal cytology cornification abruptly declines. The diestrus period lasts until the bitch whelps or the serum progesterone returns to a basal level.
  • Anestrus: Is the period of time between the end of diestrus and the next proestrus period.

The season can last anywhere from 5 days to 3 weeks. I'm hoping for 5 days.

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