November 06, 2006

Training With Mental Telepathy

This looks interesting. The book, Directional Control for Dog Agility and Training with Mental Telepathy is, as the name suggests, two books in one.

"The first functionality is the Distance Directional Control System of handling. The handler uses the techniques and procedures of distance directional control to produce a competitive working team for the dog sport of agility."

If the handler chooses, the handler can then go on to increase telepathic communications with the dog by continuing to develop the intuitive bridge created with directional control work.

For distance directional control, the book outlines a structured series of exercises designed to build the dog's visual sensitivity and response to handler body movements and signals. The distance body signal techniques are coupled with a small number of verbal obstacle and directional commands to produce a dog capable of independent distance work directed by a handler that is located at sizeable distances from the dog.
The blurb goes on to say:
"The flexibility and power of this system come from the integrated combination of body and verbal commands coupled with planned transitional synchronization of both dog and handler skills. The handler develops mental timing and synchronization skills rather than physical running skills. The dog develops independent working skills."

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