November 02, 2007


guarding?, originally uploaded by illona.

An interesting discussion taking place on Flickr around Illona's photo taken at a dog park. What is agression? What is inappropriate play? Should someone intervene? Who? And how?

What is the role of the dog park? Are they good places to take your dog? Should they be more strictly 'policed'?


SighsofmyLife said...

My dogs play like this all the time.

I have watched my Aussies play with small dogs a lot - a Papillon, a Fox Terrier, and a Jack Russel. At some point, they have the small dog down and chew on its neck. Then they let go, roll on their backs and let the small dog chew on them for a while.

They give and take and all have fun. And it looks just like this pic.

Marj said...

Thanks for the comment. A photo captures 1/250 of a second of the action. It can't tell the whole story. As you say it's the whole interaction that is important - whether there is some give and take.