May 03, 2006

The beginner's guide to dog agility

Acting on the principle that owning training books is nearly as good as actually training your dog, I've ordered a copy of Laurie Leach's The Beginner's Guide to Dog Agility

Chapter 1: Falling in Love With Agility
Chapter 2: How to Play
Chapter 3: Selecting Your Canine Partner
Chapter 4: Keeping It Positive
Chapter 5: Building an Obedience Foundation
Chapter 6: Preagility Training
Chapter 7: Going to School
Chapter 8: Learning the Obstacles
Chapter 9: Teaching the Jumps
Chapter 10: Teaching the Tunnels
Chapter 11: Teaching the A-frame and Dogwalk
Chapter 12: Teaching the Teeter
Chapter 13: Teaching the Table
Chapter 14: Teaching the Weave Poles
Chapter 15: Handling Skills
Chapter 16: Sequencing
Chapter 17: Training Challenges
Chapter 18: Getting Ready to Trial
Chapter 19: Packing It Up
Chapter 20: Your First Trial
Chapter 21: Minding Your Agility Manners

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