April 30, 2006

Obstacle performance

We've been doing some jumping practice. Dusty has a nice jumping style, and we're developing it further with Chris Zink's Jumping from A to Z but what we've been learning this week is the jump as an on-course obstacle.

Before I can say that she 'knows' the jump I should be able to:
  • Send her over from 5m, straight and at angles
  • Recall her over, straight and at angles
  • Front cross before and after
  • Rear cross before and after
  • Wrap her around the jump upright to the left and right
  • Turn her right or left on a verbal only
  • Send around the jump, to jump back towards me
  • Call her around the jump without backjumping
  • Turn her to repeat the jump on a verbal cue
  • Get her to wait in front of the jump - lead out
  • Get her to run past a jump without taking it.

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