June 24, 2005


Dusty is holding on for most of the night now, though her wanting to go out at five is a signal to Thommo that we are up and ready for a walk. Today at 5:00am it was pitch black, cold and raining and I have the flu.

So I took them both downstairs, opened the back door and gave them each a bone. The babygate is no impediment to Duz but I put it across the stairs, and then pulled across a chair I knew she couldn't climb, and went back to bed.

I dozed for a hour before I heard the clatter of puppy steps. I helped her up on the bed and she made a nest near my head and we both slept for another hour. The barricade was still intact, Thommo waiting patiently in front of it.

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Deb Harvey said...

I think you are just starting to realise that Dusty is no ordinary puppy! She is a daughter of Red Nose for whom there are also no "barriers"! Where there is a will there is always a way, you just have to find it. Sneakin' Heelers!!! Although with the "clatter of puppy steps" she is yet to learn the art of "soft stepping" - a technique whereby not a toenail is heard on the floorboards!