June 22, 2005

Dog Door

I have the flu so most of our training sessions have focused on silently chewing rawhide rather than barking in the distinctive high pitched cattle dog way. But we have continued with sit, down and stand. Some instructors advise not teaching a new behaviour until the previous one is reliable, but others suggest that pairing behaviours actually enhances learning as puppy distinguishes between sit and drop. Dusty certainly isn't confused. She really knows the meaning of the clicker too - I clicked while tidying up today and got her immediate attention.

Continued success with toileting outside, but so far I have had the back door open. So I decided to patiently introduce her to the dog door. I went outside, shut the door, and got treats ready to lure her through. She was sitting beside me. I tossed a treat back through the dog door. She leaped through grabbed the treat and rushed back through to sit at my feet. I took my honey-lemon tea back to the sofa and left Dusty playing a game of her own that involved rushing back and forwards through the dog door.

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