June 08, 2005

Flying with Puppy

Making plans to bring red girl home this weekend, I've decided to fly down to Melbourne and collect her. I toyed with driving, so I could visit people I haven't seen in a while and have a mini-holiday but it started to get too complicated.

She has been wearing her new collar for a week now, her blanket has been in the kennel with mum and the siblings, and she has been playing with her toy cow. I'll bring a toy that Thommo has been playing with so that she will come across his scent while she is in a familiar environment.

I have borrowed an airline approved crate for her - we will both have to cope with the embarrassment of a crate with DohDoh printed in large letters on the front. I just hope airline employees don't call her DohDoh and scar her psychologically. I'll have her name and my contact details on it of course, and a water container. She can have a stuffed Kong to distract her, though I'll just fill it with things to lick so there are no choking risks.

It is only an hour and a half in the air, with no stop overs, so I'm hoping for a smooth trip for her. I've made her reservation - Jetstar only carry two pets on any one flight - and I've notified the pet handler at my airport to expect us.

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