December 11, 2005

Death of a Pet

I have been thinking about Diesel recently on the anniversary of his death. Joel's time had come and he was ready for the long sleep, so, while I miss him as much, I don't miss him in the same way. Diesel's death was a release from the symptoms of Polioencephalomyelopathy but at less than twelve months old his loss was associated with regret, illogical guilt, and a deep sorrow.

I was grateful for the support of the agility community at the time. My social friends' and relatives' response was "Oh pity, but you'll get another dog?" It was only my dog-lover friends who could offer real sympathy and advice.

Greg Derrett lost Jaycee to cancer in October. I felt I knew her from Greg's videos and from how her talked of her in his seminars.

Greg supervises Jaycee Sproglett through the weaves.

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Mego said...

I lost my first ACD, Jake, almost two years ago exactly. It was Dec 23rd that I had him put to sleep because of cancer. He'd been my constant companion for 10 years, since he was 8 weeks old.

I still miss that hound.