December 28, 2005

Swim training

We are on the beach most days. I live a block away from Horseshoe Beach off leash area, which is on the harbour with no waves to contend with, so we usually end our morning walks here where I swim Thommo for ten minutes.

Dusty played at the waters edge, but showed no desire to go in herself. So once the weather warmed up, I started going in myself and just standing about or doing a few strokes parallel to the beach. Duz would swim out to me with a look of grim determination.

Last week I started throwing Thommo's ball or stick out into the water for him to fetch and then running in after him calling Dusty. She followed us quite happily. This morning I didn't go in beyond my knees, but when I threw the ball for Thommo I called Duz. After a few goes, she was swimming out after him without any encouragement.

I think swimming is great exercise for them, and we can swim every day without effort, so I'm thrilled that she has decided she likes it.

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