December 18, 2005

Puppy agility

Originally uploaded by Turtblu.

Found a photo of the cute red pup doing agility. Her name is Laika and this is a shot of her starting a run at the final class day of Puppy-agility, 4 months old.

Not sure about the guiding hand though. I'd be just standing there and letting her choose to go in the tunnel and rewarding her when she did.


turtblu said...

It wasn't actually a guiding hand, I had ahold of her collar before that point (the start of the run) because she has trouble staying when she wants to start a run, and had just released it but not moved my hand yet

Marj said...

That makes sense - the raindrop makes it hard to see just what is happening. A beautiful puppy and you have some wonderful photos of her.