October 09, 2006

Canine Communication

Csanyi undertook a series of experiments with dogs at the University to test their symbolic communication. The dogs were taught to bring shaped pieces of wood to indicate different wants. (The dogs were very successful at using the wood pieces to symbolise what they wanted.) He also taught a few of these to his dog Jerry at home.

One day they had been out and Jerry had been given a number of hot dogs at lunch time, so for the evening meal he received a very small portion. Jerry ate this quickly, and then took the appropriately shaped wood to Csanyi asking for something to eat. Not getting any response, he repeated the action several times, then went and lay on the balcony with the wood between his paws.

After a minute or two, he got up, picked up the wood, and dropped it over the side of the balcony.

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Steve said...

Marj - I love this story!

I'll definitely have to read "If Dogs Could Talk" (and not just for this story either :^)