October 18, 2006

Dusty's first trial

I was entering Thommo in a trial at Armidale, a country event that is usually a great, friendly weekend in a fun location - with rabbits to chase and a creek to swim in - and Dusty turned 18 months this week so I entered her in two Jumping events, one each day.

She was great! She really enjoyed herself, mostly followed direction, and jumped the jumps cleanly. In both events we had a staggered line of jumps leading to a tunnel, and both times she caught sight of the tunnel and headed off to it, but she came back when I called. We got a fault for passing the plane of the next jump so no quallies, but great runs just the same.

It was the first time she had done more than six or eight obstacles in a row, the first time she had seen a spread hurdle, and she had only been jumping 500mm for a week.


Deb Harvey said...

Well done Dusty & Marj. Looks like Dusty is really enjoying her jumping.

Marj said...

Thanks Deb. She is a wonderful dog, you can be very proud of her.

Steve said...

Sounds like Dusty had a good time, and did very well with all those new challenges! And a very cute picture. How did Thommo do?

Marj said...

Thommo got a clear round in his first run. The second run the spread was the first obstacle and he clipped it so he started to worry - head up, tail down. I stopped and patted him and gave him a little pep talk so a DQ but he finished fast and happy.

The judge siad as I left that I did the right thing to give him a pat. He then went well in the next day's runs.