October 27, 2006

Obstacle names

I'm not sure how much notice dogs take of agility obstacle names, but it gives the handler something to yell in moments of desperation, and they are useful in putting an obstacle behaviour on cue. Some ideas on what to call the various obstacles follows:

  • Dog Walk - Dog walk, cat walk, walk it, walk on, walk up, plank.
  • A-Frame - Scramble, climb, mountain, charge, wall.
  • Teeter - Teeter, see saw, tip it, careful.
  • Table - Table, place, rest, park it, get on.
  • Tire - Tire, circle, middle, hoop, ring.
  • Tunnel - Tunnel, through, zoom.
  • Chute - Chute, tunnel, through, push, gogogo.
  • Jumps - Jump, hup, over, get up.
  • Spread jumps -Hup hup, jump, over, big jump, big hup, big over, big.
  • Weaves - Weave, poles, weavies, wiggle, snakie, in-out, zig-zag, boogie.
  • Contacts - Get it, bottom, spot, touch, wait, easy.

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