January 20, 2007


I must admit to being caught out a number of times during Summer Camp by being asked to say, and then demonstrate, my cue for a particular behaviour. So:

Startline Procedure:
  • Position - lead Thommo with a hand touch as he doesn't like being man-handled, lift Dusty into place.
  • Stance - put Thommo in a stand, Dusty in a down. The cue means stand/down stay until released so no need for a wait.
  • Walkout - without looking back or repeating a command.
  • Take up position and look back.
  • Raise hand.
  • Say "Go!"
So now I actually have a procedure I can begin to train it. Better late than never I guess.

Release cue on contacts and table "OK"

Attention - "Tom" and "Duz"

Directionals - "left" "right" "out" "close"

Obstacles - "over" "through" "walkup" "teeter" though not routinely used.

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