January 24, 2007

Silvia Trkman

Negotiations are underway to bring Silvia Trkman to Australia. Often the promoters of agility seminars here ask you to sign up for a visiting instructor, without knowing more about them than what they have won.

Silvia Trkman has won plenty, but her website also tells us a lot about her training philosophy.

She says:

Many people ask why I don’t write a book… Here is your answer: because I can tell everything that I think is important for success in agility in 10 paragraphs:

  1. Develop a firm and trusting relationships with your dog .
  2. Properly condition your dog.
  3. Teach your dog tricks.
  4. Teach your dog obedience, obedience in high-drive of course.
  5. Boost your dog’s confidence.
  6. Don’t be afraid to do things your way.
  7. If something goes wrong, always remember it’s your fault, caused either by your training or your handling. That’s good to know since it gives you a power to fix it yourself too.
  8. Never forget that results don’t count.
  9. Dogs’ work best when they work for themselves.
  10. You want agility training tips? If you follow the advice from above, agility gets so easy that you don’t need those. Just go out and have fun with your dog!

The points are expanded on her website.


Trent said...

Nice Marj, thanks for posting

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