November 06, 2005

Dusty's Horoscope

Aries: It’s fun to see new things and explore new places and you’ll be tickled to get the chance to do just that when your human friends take you along on a whirlwind trip. But there is a downside to this otherwise interesting week; it’s about deciding who’s in charge! As much as your companions think they rule the roost, you hold to the idea that the world revolves around you. Be careful that you don’t land in the doghouse over your quest for power!


Murray said...

Hi Marj

If Deb reads Dusty's horrerscope, it will also no doubt explain the traits similarly perceived as expressed by Jenna.

Obviously a very bright, buoyant & heady "strain" (pun intended)


Marj said...

Dusty fits the Aries description perfectly -

"A dog born into this period is aware only of herself, tending to put her own needs above others. She is an unusually friendly animal, with a positive forthright manner. A dog born under this sign is always in a great hurry. She has an uncomplicated nature, with an air of innocence and a naive outlook on life. The Arian dog is always in search of something new, and can frequently act on impulse.

She can maintain puppy behaviours such as digging into adulthood. She can roam in her search for adventure. She will include the dogcatcher amongs her friends. She will demand to be the centre of attention when you are on the phone or entertaining, or otherwise engaged. She will fret or protest if chained or confined against her will.

She has an ability to love and trust that is unmatched."

Not that I believe this stuff ...

Murray said...

Hi Marj

"Not that I believe this stuff ..."

Disbelieve it at your own peril, it all sounds pretty accurate & true to me, cannot blame Dusty & jenna tho cos RedNose had the call on the birthing date, so as usual.......
it's another RedNose error.

Deb Harvey said...

Oh no, I wish that I had read the "horrorscopes" before breeding Red Nose! The Arian dog traits in your comments are the perfect summary of Jenna. I am rather dismayed that she may carry "puppy behaviours such as digging into adulthood". It means that my backyard will continue to be a minesite or quarry pit forever. Soon you will need a hard hat, blundstone boots & fluoro safety vest to venture out of the back door and negotiate the hazards!!