November 06, 2005

Pet astrology

Star signs.

  • "ARIES need to be first! If you are looking for a pet that will become a champion, choose an Aries."
  • "CAPRICORN These hard working little guys are very stubborn. They want something and they don't give up."

Don't know your dog's birthdate?

  • Dusty - 17/04/2005
  • Thommo 07/01/1999

Owner/Pet compatibility

  • Dusty & I
    You both will certainly create a lot of fireworks. Leo and Aries are fire signs. They have healthy egos and when they clash, all innocent bystanders should take cover. This relationship can last!
  • Thommo & I
    Capricorns are too much of a dreamer to enjoy the present. Eventually Leo will find this relationship exasperating, but don't give up. There is much to share.

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