November 05, 2005

Squeaky Deaky ...

... and other top tunes

Songs to Make Dogs Happy! is the first research backed musical CD for dogs, based upon 200 canine participants’ decisions as to what they would like to hear in songs.It was created by the Laurel Canyon Animal Company, which has utilized the services of psychic animal communicator Dr. Kim Ogden-Avrutik, and spent over a year developing and testing the songs. Canine focus groups selected from dogs nationwide were assembled and questioned as to their preferences in music and content.

What dogs didn’t want:
Some kinds of percussion
The word “no”

What dogs did want:
93% wanted to hear that their “human companion loves me”
93% want to hear a song about having a dog bed
92% want to “tell my human I love them”
87% wanted to hear a song about a toy
87% wanted to hear a song about eating food
75% wanted to hear a song about being outside

Topics were chosen based on these findings, songs written, reviewed by Dr Kim, recorded, tested with more canine focus groups and adjusted in the light of the comments.

“Songs to Make Dogs Happy helps ease separation anxiety. It is very effective when played in the car while traveling with your dog. It reinforces the bond between humans and their dogs and helps relax both in stressful situations when used according to the instructions provided” says Skip Haynes, the creator of the album. Listen to sample tracks.

Hey!! If it makes the dogs happy ….

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