July 16, 2005

Big Bed

Dusty's growing like a weed - her legs seem to have grown longer just this week. So the little metal crate that she sleeps in beside my bed is no longer spacious.

This week I've been going out to work for three or four hours, getting ready for students coming back next Monday. I've been leaving her in her restricted space, with acess to her big crate and the outdoors, with Thommo in a separate room where they can see each other. They get a meaty bone or a BARF patty stuffed into a Kong. Dusty also has a small basket of toys and chews. Everyday when I've come home things have been perfect; nothing chewed, no mis-placed puddles.

So the combination of those two factors led me to decide to get rid of the bed-time crate, and let her sleep on a dog bed in my room, like Thommo. The trek downstairs to the garden was a bit much to expect so I got one of those trays designed to collect car oil leaks, and filled it with mulch on the balcony outside my room, and left the door open.

She settled down beautifully, with the bed in the same spot as the crate was. At one point I was aware of her curled up under my chin, and Thommo tucked in behind my knees, but by morning both were back on their own beds.

I also heard her having a pee on the verandah boards, but I'm not too bothered by that. She did go 'outside' and it won't be a problem once she can hold on all night. And if anyone was walking along the footpath underneath at the time - well, I can't worry about them.

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