July 02, 2005

Sunrise at the Cowrie Hole

The sun's out after a week of rain, so we are back to our early morning walks. It is great to see the two of them playing on the beach, he is very tolerant of her attempts to get a reaction from him and occasionally obliges her with a chase game.

So far Dusty and Thommo have had two altercations. One evening Thommo was lying across a door way, and I stepped over him to get something. Dusty wanted to follow so she barked at him. He put up with it for a moment or two then grabbed her by the muzzle. She screamed blue murder, but he didn't leave a mark, and I felt that was an acceptable correction for a cheeky pup.

Last night I had the bottom desk drawer open and Dusty was playing on it trying to climb up higher. Thommo flew across the room at her and I grabbed him as he grabbed her. That, I felt, was unacceptable, Thommo does not have the right to control who has access to me. So I put him outside for fifteen minutes. Usually if I am playing with her on my lap, or she is snuggling on the sofa, Thommo is on the house line so his reach is restricted. He will grumble at her when she trys to climb onto my lap, but usually settles fairly quickly once she's up.

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