July 08, 2005

Too smart for school

We've been playing games where I wave socks, shoe laces, gloves in front of her face and then click/treat her for leaving them alone, but she catches on so quickly that she will only get the treat if she doesn't touch the object that we don't get to practice 'stop biting' very often.

Similarly with our beginning 'choose to heel'. Out walking on the beach or in the big foreshore park, I click/treat her for returning to me after chasing Thommo or stopping to explore. But she very quickly gets the idea that with me is where the treats are. I have to find a way to detach her so that I can reward her for coming back.

She woke up about 5:00 this morning and I let her out for a pee then put her on the bed with Thommo and I. He pounced at her, barking, so I put him outside the room. When I let him back in ten minutes later he hopped back on the bed beside her without any fuss and the two of them slept, almost touching, for another hour.

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