July 26, 2005

Taking the Car Keys for a Walk

I've entered Ikenheel Diamonds N Dust in a show. A pretty scarey thing for me to do, so I've been trying to find out as much as I can about the scene.

The NSW Canine Council has quite a good New Exhibitors Guide, with information on training and preparation, entering, the judging process, and the awards. As does the North Australian Canine Council.

I also watched the George Alston seminar video. He starts off by saying "I will criticize you, I will yell, some of you will cry ..." He talks about finding the 'button' that turns your dog on. And he demonstrates leash control. His advice is to attach your car keys to the end of your leash and then practice taking-up and letting-out the slack with both hands, and walking and running without jangling the keys. He reckons that if you can't walk your keys then you won't be able to walk your dog.

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