August 17, 2005


I asked Deb about preparing Dusty for her show this week - and got some useful tips. I didn't want to turn up au naturale when everyone else had worked cornflour through their dogs coat, added eyeliner and boot-polished their noses. Deb suggested just neatening her appearance, but basically leaving her pretty much wash and wear. So Dusty will get a bath this week.

I bought a dog wash mit (it was on sale, how could I resist), and we have been playing wash, wash, wash with it, which they both enjoy enormously. See how they feel when I add water and shampoo. A petstore nearby has hydrobaths that you can use that streamlines the process. I use the Fido range of shampoos and rinses. Thommo has the Tea Tree Oil, and I picked up some of the Puppy Shampoo for Dusty. I also got some of the Herbal Rinse from the bargin bin.

Thommo would be bathed three or four times a year, but he swims almost daily. Thommo 'suffers' his baths. He'll come, and stand still, but he looks at you the whole time with a look that says "I thought you loved me. How could you torture me like this?" and then he will avoid me for the rest of the day as though I woke up with an overwhelming urge to bath things and will continue to do so all day until the urge subsides.


Deb Harvey said...

Dusty has been bathed previously when she was a little puppy - I think around 6 & 1/2 - 7 weeks old. I was talking to a fellow trialler last weekend about grooming/bathing pups and she gave me an interesting tip for bathtime. She throws a bunch of dog treats in the bath for the dog to enjoy/dunk/play with. Sometimes she uses the biscuit bones, but she has used a variety of treats which help the pups to look forward to their bath and not dread it.
Ikenheel Australian Cattle Dogs.

Marj said...

I'll try that. I don't think Duz will be too worried, she's happy enough playing under the sprinkler, and in the sea, but if any stress can be avoided with a handful of biccies ...