August 08, 2005

Early morning swim

The sand has shifted on South Newcastle beach, uncovering some large rocks, and on top of one was a perfect spa pool, about 150cm long, nearly as wide and about that deep. Thommo and Dusty were chasing seagulls so I was peering into the pool watching the various anemone and tiny fish, when splash! my reverie was destroyed by a little red dog frantically paddling her way across the pool.

I don't know if she intended to end up in the water, it may have just been a straight line to me. She did look rather suprised to be in the pool. She is getting gamer following Thommo into the water when he swims, but she doesn't go in further than her knees, she certainly hasn't been swimming before. My practice is just to expose them to the water and let them decide when to take the plunge.

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