August 06, 2005

Derrett/Garrett Agility Training

The ADAA camp was very much a refresher for those of us who went to the Derrett and Garrett seminar at the beginning of the year. Living in Australia those opportunities are fairly infrequent, so it is great that local clubs and instructors are prepared to put on camps that allow us to repair or refine techniques learned sic months previously.

Drawing on Garrett the camp covered crate games, perch work, contact training, and jump training. From Derrett we covered front and rear crosses, positional cues, and course analysis.

When Garrett was here she was working on the proofs of her book on agility training. Shaping Success has now been published. Unlike a lot of training books, it is an interesting read and you will probably finish it in one sitting, like a novel. As well as covering learning theory and practical training applications Garrett uses stories about her dog Buzz to both entertain and illuminate the points she makes.

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