August 25, 2005

Training Level One

I tested Dusty today on the behaviours that are mandatory to pass Sue Ailsby's Training Level One. Sue's training levels are written "for those who want a coherent training plan. They aren't aimed at obedience competition, or agility, or tracking, or any other particular sport or job. They're aimed at producing a dog who is a willing partner, eager to learn, happy to work, and having the basic civilization necessary to allow her the access she needs to do her job and to allow you the confidence to enjoy being and working with her." Sue says "These training levels are designed to produce a dog that is three weeks short of a title in any dogsport."

Level one consists of:
  1. Come from a partner to the handler a distance of 20 feet.
  2. Down from a sit or stand with no more than two cues, eg voice and hand signal.
  3. Sit from standing position on one cue only - voice or hand.
  4. Target the handlers hand with his nose on cue.
  5. Zen - stay away from a treat in the handler's hand for 5 seconds when cued before the hand is presented.
  6. Handler lists, in writing, five things she hopes to accomplish by working the levels.

Dusty passed the test with flying colours - we have been working on all of these except the handler list, so here it is after some thought.

What I want to accomplish is:

  1. A dog that is happy to be with me and work with me.
  2. A thinking, problem-solving dog.
  3. A dog that is confident in new situations.
  4. A dog that can concentrate on the job at hand despite distractions.
  5. A dog that can comfortably be at a distance from me or with other people.

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