August 22, 2005

Dusty, Show Dog

Our little outing in the show ring was an educational experience - a timely reminder that a behaviour isn't trained until it has been proofed against all possible distractions. Our lovely gaiting up and down the hall, along the lane, and around the park counted for nothing when I asked Dusty to gait while being followed by three strange puppies. I couldn't get her to face the front, or walk, let alone gait. We did better on our individual triangle, and she looked great on the run back to the judge, tail wagging, ears up.

Dusty was the only red amongst the cattle dogs. The judge asked how old she was - the other dogs looked almost fully grown. He said "first", "second" and pointed to Dusty, "third" and it was all over.

Now to find some people who will run along behind us (and I guess in front) while we gait.

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