August 10, 2005

Shaping a Stack

I haven't had a lot of success shaping a self-stack. I think my timing is out and my criteria are woolly to say the least - and it is hard to see how she is standing from above. So I'm going to work on just standing still on command and see how we go.

She is doing well with 'show teeth' I was reading Karen Prior on poisoning the cue, so we only do 'show teeth' once or twice a day - the act of looking at her teeth (an aversive) could overwhelm the reward, poisoning the cue. If she lets me look at her teeth then she is rewarded and I don't try to do it again that day.

And she is doing nicely at gaiting on a loose lead - unless there is something distracting around. Oh well, life wasn't meant to be easy. (Who said that?)

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