March 07, 2005

Australian Cattle Dog

Over a lifetime I have had more ACDs than any other breed. I grew up on a cattle station in central Queensland where they were an integral part of daily life. I currently have a six year old male, Thompson.

They seem to be a breed that people don't much like until they have one, and then they love them. There is quite a bit of information available about them, and a number of dedicated websites including Their history is often misrepresented, mainly because one of the earliest writers about the breed changed his story later in his career. Noreen Clark's history based on rigorous document research and a sound knowledge of genetics is the only one that provides evidence for claims about the origins of the breed.

Narelle Robertson's guide for judges sets out the standard in pictures and the Nth Qld ACD Newsletter archives has a range of articles on topics from health to training.

ACD breeders near me include:

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