March 11, 2005

Pet health insurance

My vet sends out an email newsletter each month, and today it contained a link to a pet health insurance scheme, Vet's Own Pet Health Insurance.

I've looked at these in the past, but most of them seemed to only insure you against a meteor falling from the sky onto Fido, and as such not value for money. This one seems to cover more of the things that actually go wrong with your dog - though there is still a long list of things that are not covered - like hereditable conditions.

It does have, at the expensive end of the scale, a good health rewards rebate. Spending $200 on vaccinations, worming, flea treatment, accupuncture, shampoo gets you a $100 rebate making the most expensive option cheaper than the mid-range option.

As with any insurance policy there is a lot of fine print, but I think it's worth my exploring it further.

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