March 27, 2005

How Do You Score as a Puppy Picker?

When Gary Wilkes wrotes this article for a major dog magazine, he was criticised for supporting back yard breeders, but as he says "the bottom line is that good dogs are where you find them and, as I have already said, any source of dogs is a crap shoot."

He says that selecting a puppy is the equivalent of adding a member to your family. The new addition will need to adapt to the dynamics of your existing family members, an environment that is probably devoid of litter mates, parents and possibly even its own species. While a few people use complex temperament tests to make their selection, the majority of dog owners still use emotional criteria to select a pup, or abdicate their power of choice and let the puppy pick them. Using some simple guidelines to help make your decision may allow you to find the puppy that appeals to your senses and your good sense.

Also check out his articles on clicker training originally published in Front & Finish Magazine.

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