March 06, 2005

Border Collie

The border collie is probably the first choice of people who are looking for a 'working dog', whether the work is their traditional farm tasks, or modern dog sports such as obedience and agility. Like other working breeds they need exercise and a mental challenge if they are not to be noisy or destructive. The border also likes it's owner to be on the ball, and will give a swift nip to those who don't get the point fast enough.

Breed clubs are well established around the world, and can provide a wealth of information for the prospective owner. Border collie rescue is also well developed in Australia and elsewhere and is an excellent source of a dog with known characteristics, although browsing the reasons why dogs were surrendered emphasises the need for company, stimulation and secure fences.

Borders can also be nervous dogs, afraid of thunder and lawnmowers; or obsessive, staring at the tap waiting for it to drip, or chasing your shadow.

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