March 05, 2005

Norwegian Buhund

If you want a dog who...

  • Is medium-sized and spitz-like, with a wolfish face, prick ears, thick coat, and curled tail
  • Is sturdy and strong, yet athletic, agile, and light on his feet
  • Is less headstrong and more willing to work with you than other spitzes
  • Is happy-go-lucky, plays vigorously, and likes a lot of outdoor exercise
  • Is polite with strangers, yet with his keen senses and watchful attitude, makes a dependable alarm dog ...

a Norwegian Buhund may be right for you. (Your Purebred Puppy) National Kennel Clubs and Breed Clubs will be able to give you information and breeder contacts - UK Norwegian Buhund Club.

However when I made enquiries with the state body, the Royal NSW Canine Council and the national body, the Australian National Kennel Council, I discovered that no Buhunds had been registered in Australia in the last twenty years. Checking with the Norsk Kennel Klub I was told that a pair had been exported to Australia in the 1970s but had "escaped into the bush". The good people on the Buhund list had heard of a male buhund in New Zealand some years ago, but that didn't help me much.

Importing a Buhund I guess is an option, but Australia's quarantine laws complicate the process as dogs from overseas have to remain in quarantine for at least thirty days. In any case, owning the only Buhunds in Australia I'd feel some obligation to breed and show which doesn't really interest me at the moment.

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