March 06, 2005

Belgian Shepherd

There are four varieties of Belgian Shepherds, differentiated only by the length and colour of their coats, though in the US the varieties are treated as separate breeds.
There is the
  • Groenendael (Long black coat),
  • Tervueren (Long coat, fawn to grey (other than black) with a black overlay and mask),
  • Malinois (Short coat, fawn with black overlay and mask)
  • Laekenois (rough coated fawn - sort of like an Airedale Terrier coat - and there are only said to be 3 of these dogs in Australia to date).

These are intelligent, strong willed dogs and even major fans of the breed acknowledge that they are not a dog for everyone. They can be a difficult dog for a novice owner and it is important to choose your Belgian puppy carefully.

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