March 08, 2005


I had an email from Greg C. who reminded me of the Koolie, my only excuse for not having them on my shortlist is that they don't come up on the puppy picker websites.

Another Australian breed, the Koolie was referred to by Robert Kaleski in 1911, saying that at the time there were many varieties of working dogs. One particular one called the Welsh Heeler or Merle was commonly referred to as the German Koolie. The Koolie is one of the oldest breeds of working dogs in Australia, however records were never kept regarding parentage. Reputable breeders are now working to keep accurate records, and to avoid the deaf/blind consequences of the merle gene.

Heide the Koolie

The Koolie has high energy levels and is not happy confined to a suburban backyard. It needs both mental and physical activity to prevent boredom. As with most working breeds it excels at obedience training and is athletic and enthusiastic making it an ideal dog for those owners who choose to participate in flyball or agility. This is not the breed for sedentary owners. Greg says of his nine month old bitch "she does have an off switch, but sometimes I have to remind her that it works."

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Margaret said...

Hi Marj,

Just read your notes on the list.
Sorry, I'm really biased...
Why don't people know how intelligent the Puli is. Its like the best kept secret!!! Sure the coat looks a problem, why not keep it cut short, they don't all have flowing show coats in Hungary where they work in both snow and dusty summers. They also do not shed coat, I have no experience of the yearly coat loss of other breeds.
The intelligence, well its a working dog, what can you expect. Who would even bother to train an other type of dog.
But then again, it is really how much and what time you put into the dog, that gives you results.
These are my private views, hope you don't mind.
But it may be nice to put some info on your web for those looking for something different.